Bag in Box: the packaging solution to minimize plastic packaging waste

Jeroen Houweling reminisces in conversation with Bag in Box specialist Rob Fransen. How did the partnership between Dr. Stöcker and Berlin Packaging come about? “I saw with my own eyes the enormous amounts of packaging waste from jerrycans at a car wash in Eerbeek during a lunchtime walk”, Rob remembers. “We’ve been dealing with this problem for years”, says Jeroen as the supplier of the car wash products. “We had been looking for a solution for some time and, thanks to Berlin Packaging (formerly Bark), it arrived faster than expected.”

Jeroen Houweling with the Bag in Box packaging

Jeroen has been thinking a lot. “Looking for a new packaging solution to reduce waste, you will consider different options. I had doubts about recycling jerrycans. It is possible to have them picked up per full pallet, then they are cleaned before they are transported again to be refilled. However, my customers do not always have the space available to store an extra pallet of empty jerry cans. In addition, the extra CO₂ emissions that all those transport journeys entail is something that I don’t like,” says Jeroen. LCA calculations also show that the Bag in Box improves the environmental impact compared to the jerrycan in this situation. For example, fewer fossil fuels are needed, fewer GHG-emissions are emitted and significant water savings are made.

Bag in Box with UN quality mark

Jeroen also had a different packaging solution in mind: the Bag in Box. “But we do need a UN quality mark because of our chemical products”. Through a moment of contact with Rob, after that conscious lunch walk, Jeroen finally found out that Berlin Packaging has been supplying the Bag in Box with UN quality mark for quite some time. “Then it happened quickly. In no time I convinced our management in Germany and a unique process was created. The new packaging was delivered and implemented in no time.”

Bag in Box specialist Rob Fransen in conversation with Jeroen Houweling of Dr. Stocker

Much less waste

The Bag in Box system used in the Carwash

And so, rim cleaners, pre-cleaners, waxes, foaming products and shampoos are now packaged in a Bag in Box. The result? “Much less waste”, says Jeroen enthusiastically. A complete Bag in Box system has been set up so that the packaging can be connected directly to the dosing pumps of the car wash by means of a special holder and adapter. Thanks to a sensor, employees are automatically notified when the packaging is empty and therefore needs to be replaced. The new Bag in Box is connected, after which the used bag is separated from the cardboard.

This saves 90% of plastic waste compared to an empty jerry can. The old paper can be reused up to a minimum of seven times. “A great progress”, says Jeroen, who sees that processing the empty packaging is also much easier among customers. “Previously, they cut jerry cans in half to save space in the waste container. This led to dangerous working conditions and it is simply a shame.”

Satisfied end users

One of those customers experiencing the benefits of the Bag in Box is Gooise & Zeister Carwash. “Like the chemistry of Dr. Stöcker we have chosen for the packaging of a quality company because they supply the Bag in Box packaging with UN qualitiy mark. As a result, we have less waste and can easily separate it and have it recycled sustainably,” says JP van Dijck. Nick de Jong of Sop Autowas in Alblasserdam is also enthusiastic about Berlin Packaging’s solution: “We save space because we no longer must store empty jerry cans. In addition, our waste costs have fallen considerably due to the use of the Bag in Box.”

Berlin Packaging is pleased with these success stories and always strives to provide the best packaging solution for customers. On behalf of Dr. Stöcker, Jeroen hopes that many clients will follow suit. “I would prefer not to sell jerrycans from tomorrow. The Bag in Box is simply the packaging solution to minimize waste. That is where we should all go.”

More information about the UN-approved Bag in Box? Please contact Rob Fransen at +31 6 12 79 53 90 or

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