Bark Dosing System on various stands at the Interclean in Amsterdam

A few of our Bark Packaging Group colleagues visited the Interclean in Amsterdam last week. They saw a lot of interesting innovations and solutions. It’s always a thrill to see companies using our unique dosing system. Rob Fransen and Jeroen ten Rouwelaar saw the Bark Dosing System on various products.

The innovative dosing bottle for various applications enables the user to dose a specific amount of liquid in 3 steps. Simple, smart, fast and reliable. As you can see on the pictures below, several companies are using our dosing system. At the Interclean in Amsterdam we saw our development at the Thomil-stand (Thomil Magic collection) and the InnuScience-stand (Surfora). We are proud to contribute to the next generation of sustainable cleaning products.

No more overdosing, or overpouring!

The Bark Innovations patented dosing bottle offers numerous benefits when compared to the range of existing dosing concepts currently in use. The system is a totally integrated unit fully assembled with the relevant packaging, is ready to use and extremely user-friendly. No longer is it necessary to orientate the packaging or squeeze the reservoir, even overdosing, or overpouring a regular problem with the products now in use, is not an issue when using the Bark Innovations dosing bottle. This system is the first closed liquid dosing system in the world and therefore not based on the old-fashioned syphon technique.

Moreover, the dosing system is perfectly suitable for use with customized bottles and will function regardless of the design or shape. It even offers the use of specific or corporate colours, not usually an option with existing dosing bottles.

The Bark dosing bottle creates freedom of design and colour for both, closure and bottle.

User-friendly and tailor-made

Your own bottle design is a possibility now from both perspectives, shape and colour. Let us design your custom bottle equipped with the Bark dosing system, adapted to suit your own corporate or brand identity.

Please contact us for more information about the custom bottle design possibilities or visit the dosing bottle-website for more information.

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