Buncker: smart, efficient & safe packaging innovation for (defect) lithium batteries

Together with VDL Staalservice and Lithium Safety Solutions, CarePack Holland, part of Bark Packaging Group, presents the new innovation regarding storage and transport of (defective) lithium batteries. Buncker 3000 is a safe storage and transport container for Li-Ion batteries.

This innovation originated from a collaboration between three companies in the world of manufacturing, packaging and lithium batteries. Specific knowledge and experiences have been bundled, including that of global logistics and (international) legislation and regulations. The increasing number of lithium batteries (for power generation, communications, industry and vehicles, for example) are a new type of fire hazard where fire protection is a challenge. To prevent safety-critical situations, multiple levels of defense are required to minimize and control the serious consequences of a lithium battery failure and thermal runaway.

No more Thermal runaway

Buncker has been fully tested and this shows that the container fully withstands a thermal runaway. In addition, this unique packaging meets the requirements of UN Regulation P911 (ADR). The various applied technologies, in combination with the fire-resistant packaging, offer the possibility to stop the occurrence and spread of a thermal runaway and thus significantly limit the total damage.

Safe, user-friendly, insulating, fire-resistant and gas filtering packaging that is thermal runaway resistant or retardant is an area of innovation and forms the story of Buncker.

Fully tested

Buncker was tested on the Maasvlakte in Rotterdam according to the ‘worst case scenario’. Watch the video below to see how it worked and what the results are.

Need more information?

Are you interested in Buncker? Please contact CarePack and request a datasheet for all necessary information.

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