“Total unburdening with stock management, that is offering added value”

At the time of Corona, many companies faced supply chain problems. Employees at SABA, market leader in high-quality adhesives and sealants, also noticed the consequences of the global supply chain disruption. The employees of SABA, market leader in high-quality adhesives and sealants, also had to deal with the consequences of the global supply chain disruption. “We had to invest a lot of energy in getting all the raw materials in time. Thanks in part to Berlin (formerly Bark), this has been achieved. They helped us with stock management, so we never ran into problems with packaging,” says Bertram Cretier in SABA’s new sustainable building in Dinxperlo.

The combination could hardly be more contradictory. Corona shut down parts of the world, but SABA saw an explosive increase in demand for products from the chain. “Because Berlin acted as a buffer in Eerbeek and immediately anticipated the strongly increased demand, we were able to distinguish ourselves in the market. As a result, they have contributed to the growth we have experienced”, says Senior Purchaser Bertram Cretier of SABA.

SABA’s sustainable building in Dinxperlo.

Match in corporate cultures

It is an example of how Berlin adds value as a packaging partner to companies. “Berlin (formerly Bark) has been that partner for SABA since time immemorial,” says Bertram. “We switch quickly and have short lines of communication. SABA is a small multinational in terms of size, but in terms of decision speed we operate as an SME. That is part of the corporate culture and for a successful collaboration you need a comparable partner. When Berlin notices that demand at SABA is exploding, appropriate measures are taken after a short consultation.”

Innovation partner for the future

Packaging is not a core competence of SABA. That is why Berlin’s knowledge of packaging innovations is very important to the company. “We are good at making high-end solutions in the field of adhesives and sealants, but Berlin is good when it comes to packaging. We benefit from continuing to hear about innovations from the market, we therefore also see them as innovation partner for the future.” One of those innovation projects is the new Bag in Box, which is delivered assembled by Berlin. “In this way, too, Berlin unburdens us and we can focus on making the best adhesives and sealants. In the meantime, they are always looking for optimisations, because they now know SABA and the products very well. That makes them a real partner.”

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