Ecobulk HX: Perfectly configured for optimum processing and residual emptying

When selecting the right packaging, we look at many different factors at Bark Packaging Group. A packaged product must function as optimally as possible within the supply chain, from the filling process to the end use.To minimise the environmental impact and reduce costs, emptying the packaging completely is an absolute must. The Ecobulk HX excels in this and is specially designed for use with viscous media.

The Ecobulk HX from Schütz is a combined IBC and distinguishes itself in a unique way from the standard IBC. The chamfered bottom of the inner tank, together with the low mounted tap, provides a number of economic, environmental and qualitative advantages compared to the standard IBC.

Complete emptying

The innovative underside in the cubic frame ensures that the Ecobulk HX can be emptied almost completely, even with viscous filling goods. In addition, thanks to the geometric curves in the bottom plate, it is possible to stir the container very efficiently (even at a low filling level of fifty litre). This opens up a whole new field of application for the use of this bulk packaging. Think of bulk packaging for substances with a high viscosity such as honey, paints, inks, lacquers, adhesives or coatings that are widely used in the automotive industry.

The above raw materials caused a problematic emptying in a standard IBC. The flat bottom and the right angles in a standard IBC cause a lot of residue with a viscous product. These residues cannot be used and lead to economic losses and environmental impact due to the disposal of this waste product, which must in turn be classified as (chemical) waste. The Ecobulk HX also ensures a residual emptying of less than 0.3 litres, even with goods with a high viscosity. As a result, the economic loss of the value of the residual product is nil. In addition, nothing is thrown away, which minimises the environmental impact.

The bottom plate is provided with geometric curves.

The tap is positioned low for optimum residual emptying.






Product benefits

  • Almost 100% emptying of residuals
  • Large indirect price advantage
  • Faster and optimal stirring
  • Less waste stream
  • Lower environmental impact
  • Specially designed for filling goods such as coatings, adhesives, resins, viscose foods

Marinade for barbecue products

Bark Packaging Group customers have been using the Ecobulk HX for many years. One of them who benefits from the properties of this packaging is a customer who produces marinade for barbecue products. The improved residual emptying ensures that much more of the product is removed from the packaging. This leads to a higher financial return per IBC, fewer transport movements and no product that is thrown away.

The HX is not only fully Food-Approved (FSSC) and available in a Cleancert variant, but an EX version is also available for (slightly) flammable products. In addition, the Schütz Ticket Service system also applies to this type of IBC. As the provider of the most successful IBC-system in the world, Schütz collects used empty IBCs worldwide completely free of charge and reconditions these IBCs in an environmentally friendly manner.

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