“If the packaging is bad, then our paint is immediately worthless”

For more than twenty years, Anker Stuy Coatings has found the perfect packaging at Berlin Packaging Netherlands (formerly Bark). The cooperation includes a complete range of various packaging solutions. These are all important for the supplier who transports millions of liters of paint all over the world. “If the packaging is not in good shape, then the paint is immediately worthless,” says Alexander Beute, production & logistics manager at Anker Stuy Coatings.

The production location in Terwispel has been the epicenter of Anker Stuy Coatings since 1976. Millions liters of paint go over the assembly line here every year. Buckets, IBCs, steel drums and cans supplied by Berlin Packaging leave here filled with the most diverse colours. Ready to be painted on windows, doors and stairs. While the paint is on its way, it must of course be protected before the packaging must be easy to handle for the painter on duty. Two essential packaging features that Anker Stuy never really cares about anymore. “We have never had any complaints about that. The packaging must not leak and be resistant to chemicals. Because these basic needs are always well taken care of thanks to Berlin, you don’t have to think about it yourself anymore, “says Alexander.






Nevertheless, the packaging partly makes or breaks the product that Anker Stuy distributes worldwide. “If a bucket breaks or cannot be transported properly, our paint is immediately bad paint. You can have the best paint, but put it in a bad packaging and nobody will work with it. Fortunately, this is not the case for Anker Stuy Coatings. “We really buy a lot of products from Berlin Packaging, but I can’t catch anyone saying a negative word here. From customer service to deliveries, the employees here are generally satisfied. Berlin can be proud of that.”

New projects

In order to meet the wishes of customers in the future as well, Berlin and Anker Stuy are always looking for new packaging solutions together. “We are going to test a Bag in Box packaging for paint,” Alexander explains. “In addition, we are looking at whether the HX IBC from Schütz can be of added value for us with riots because of the curves in the bottom plate. We also approach this process openly and honestly with each other. Berlin has gained our trust and thanks to the mutual loyalty our cooperation has been successful for many years.”

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