Bark Packaging Group is a group consisting of five companies, i.e. Bark Verpakkingen BV (based in Eerbeek, the Netherlands), Bark Verpackungen GmbH (based in Stuttgart, Germany), Bark Innovations BV (based in Eerbeek, the Netherlands), Dutch Pack International BV (based in Utrecht, the Netherlands) and CarePack Holland BV (based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands). The group’s strategic focus is purely and exclusively on packaging-related and packaging-relevant activities. 

The companies are unique in their kind and are distinguished by their firm positioning in the creation of added value for - and with - their stakeholders.

Bark Verpakkingen and Bark Verpackungen provide a full-service solution for the company’s customers with its Total Cost of Ownership approach; moreover, the company offers customised concepts for overall packaging management.

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Dutch Pack International was one of the first pioneers in flexible (pouch) packaging. As a result, the company had a groundbreaking part in introducing the use notably of (box)pouches, doypacks, quadro seal bags, etc.

The company has been operating in this market for more than 30 years and, in recent years, we have noticed a large rise in the demand for such packaging solutions, which are mostly inspired by sustainability motives.

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Bark Innovations is a development and design agency specialised in packaging development and packaging design with a permanent focus on an overall, integrated supply chain approach.

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Since 1992 CarePack Holland is specialized in UN certified packaging for transporting dangerous goods. Located near Schiphol Amsterdam Airport we offer a wide range of single and UN combination packaging to customers in the chemical and biomedical industry worldwide. All these UN approved packaging are suitable for transport by road, air, rail and sea.


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Since 1997 the group has, by means of acquisitions - though primarily by organic growth - evolved from the straightforward trading company it was at the time to what it is now, a leading player in packaging management, primarily for (large) SMEs and multinational enterprises. Our approach can be defined as pioneering, continually state-of-the-art and always focused on ‘today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today’.

The Bark Packaging Group constantly alters the rules of the game as a consequence of new and changing circumstances and is regarded by others in its vicinity as ‘the frame of reference’ or ‘the standard’. Accordingly, with this progressive approach to the company’s target group within the packaging market, the group has a very evident role as a trailblazer.

The total turnover (2020: € 45 million) means that the Bark Packaging Group is currently the largest intermediary within the Benelux market for primary packaging.

The Bark Packaging Group’s employees dedicate themselves daily to ensure that the company’s customer satisfaction ranks among the absolute top companies in the European packaging market. We owe our continued growth to their ambition.

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