Innovation award for DeeDee’s MONO PE stand-up pouch at Empack

We are delighted to announce that our colleagues from DeeDee Pouch Professionals have distinguished themselves by winning a prize with their 100% recyclable MONO PE pouch. At the Empack in Ghent, the most sustainable stand-up pouch of the moment was declared the winner of the Innovation Award 2022.

The MONO PE stand-up pouch is fully recyclable because it is made from only one type of plastic. The pouch is fully personalised with a partly matte finish, still food safe and more durable than the previous packaging. All these aspects made the jury decide to award the Innovation Award to this packaging in 2022.

The competition was open to packaging manufacturers and suppliers, design agencies and packaging companies. Entries must meet five criteria: innovative, sustainable, efficient and they must be commercially available on the market, but not introduced before 2021. According to the jury, the MONO PE stand-up pouch excels in all these criteria.

Sustainable packaging

“We are very proud that we have won the Innovation Award for this 100% recyclable stand-up pouch”, says DeeDee Director Inge Louwers enthusiastically. “We are convinced that this packaging contributes to a (more) sustainable world and we hope to inspire everyone to opt for a sustainable packaging as well.”

Are you enthusiastic and would you like to pack your own products in a 100% recyclable MONO material stand-up pouch? Please contact our Pouch Professionals, together we personalise your own unique and sustainable stand-up pouch!

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