Refillable and reusable Klienr packaging winner at NL Packaging Awards

During the NL Packaging Awards ceremony at the Singer Theater in Laren, the refillable and reusable packaging for Klienr was announced as the winner in the ‘sustainability non-food’ category. On behalf of Berlin Packaging and Studio One Eleven (formerly Bark Packaging Group), account manager Edouard Pontier and packaging designer Dion Berg are responsible for this award-winning project. “Sustainability was the starting point for this packaging development, so it is especially nice that this aspect has now been awarded with this prize,” says Edouard Pontier.

Simone Hager and Koen Hilbrink from Klienr and Dion Berg and Edouard Pontier from Berlin Packaging with presenter Jort Kelder.

Two key elements were at the forefront of the collaboration between Klienr and Berlin Packaging. The cleaning product bottles needed to be reusable, and the packaging material had to consist of sustainable materials. Packaging designer Dion Berg set to work with that knowledge. “I sketched several models that align with Klienr’s vision and experience. Since sustainability was the guiding principle, I wanted to use as few additional components as possible. By giving each product bottle a unique color, we can communicate the contents without the need for an additional label,” says Dion Berg.

No packaging waste

“In addition, we chose a sturdy bottle that can last a long time, which encourages reuse,” adds Edouard. The sprayer on the bottle is made of 67% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material, and the bottle itself is also made of PCR material. “Because the bottle can be constantly refilled and the eco-tabs dissolve in water, there is virtually no packaging waste when it is reused. The cardboard box of the refill tabs can be recycled. These aspects caught the attention of the NL Packaging Awards jury, as reflected in their comments:

“The jury appreciates the efforts of the Klienr brand in striving for the lowest possible ecological footprint, consistently implemented in the packaging line for their products. Not only does the packaged product have a low ecological footprint, but the packaging itself leaves minimal waste and is suitable for reuse. The choice of packaging materials for this overall concept demonstrates a great respect for the environment. Sustainability was clearly the guiding principle in the development of the refillable bottle and ECO-tabs. This can be seen in almost every aspect”, according to the jury.


In addition to sustainability, user-friendliness is always an important consideration in the packaging designed by Berlin Packaging. “The Klienr bottles are very handy, and the long Three-Finger Handle ensures a comfortable grip. The fill line on the side makes it easy for the end-user to refill the bottle correctly. All these user-friendly features contribute to the bottle being reused.

“All in all, it’s simply a super sustainable solution and a unique packaging combination,” says Dion Berg. On behalf of Berlin Packaging, we would like to thank Klienr for this great collaboration. Are you also looking for a unique packaging solution that focuses on sustainability and brand identity? Feel free to contact us to discover the best packaging options together.

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