“Thanks to the added value of Berlin, our process disruption has been resolved”

More than twenty years ago, Sachem faced a challenge due to growth. It turned out to be the starting signal for the collaboration between Berlin Packaging (formerly Bark) and the producer of fine chemicals that the world can no longer do without. “Thanks to Berlin’s solutions, our process is no longer disrupted, and we also save money,” says Joost Brekelmans, Sachem’s purchaser.

Once arrived at sachem’s grounds you can immediately see that the company does business from Zaltbommel with partners all over the world. Labels on packaging indicate that pallets are transported to countries such as China, South Africa and the United States. The high-purity fine chemicals that are produced are essential to produce electronics, plastics, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paper and catalysts. Every reader of this article probably uses products that contain Sachem’s high-quality chemicals, such as flat screen televisions and iPhones.

To be able to transport the chemical substances safely and in accordance with all requirements, Sachem needs a variety of packaging. In the 90s, contact was made with Bark Packaging Group, now part of Berlin Packaging. “At the time, our warehouse employees emptied trucks by hand”, Joost looks back. “That means that time had to be made available to unload trucks with large numbers of barrels. Naturally, they always arrived at an inconvenient time, causing constant disruption to the process. Berlin Packaging solved this for us by supplying smaller quantities on a call-off basis. In addition, they ensured that the barrels were placed on the pallets with the top down. As a result, no water got into the barrels during a rain shower, which made outdoor storage possible.”

The SACHEM Europe site has been located on the Van Voordenpark industrial estate in Zaltbommel since 1970 and is approximately 11.3 hectares in size.

The added value that Berlin provides to Sachem today goes further than just the steel drums supplied, as Joost knows as a purchaser. “We now also purchase other packaging, such as fiber drums and combi drums, in smaller quantities. In this way we save money because we only pay for what we actually need. Berlin makes the investment for us.”

In addition, Berlin Packaging is rightfully a knowledge partner for Sachem. “We only have to call, and a solution is at hand,” says Joost. “Berlin sees the entire packaging market. If I need something new, they know what’s for sale there. Thanks to that knowledge, we can package our products in the right way.”

Bark Packaging Group has
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