“The knowledge and guidance from Berlin has solved our packaging issues”

For over ten years, Interfilling has been providing filling services to the artificial nail and cosmetics industry from Oss. As part of the American company Keystone Industries, a global producer of raw materials and private label products for cosmetics and dental companies, Interfilling has chosen Berlin Packaging (formerly Bark) as its packaging partner. According to Kelly Medina from Interfilling, this collaboration has resulted in added value in terms of material choices, knowledge, certifications, and reduction of CO2 emissions.

The success in the nail cosmetics industry brought several challenges for Keystone Europe. The significant increase in product demand required a revision of the supply chain in the United States. After a positive outcome in a case study, the decision was made to have Interfilling in Oss also fill gels, lacquers, and coatings in gallons. This shortened the time to market by six weeks.

Packaging issues

The filling lines of Keystone Industries and Interfilling differ in dimensions and filling capacity. “I was faced with various complex issues,” says Kelly Medina from Interfilling. “Suddenly, we had to think about shipping boxes, warehouse practical dimensions, and even laws and regulations. These were all new topics for me.”

“In addition, the packaging had to meet American dimensions, so a standard Dutch packaging quickly became not an option. From Berlin, I received a lot of support regarding material choices. A regular HDPE packaging is not suitable for the products we fill and process. Together with packaging specialist Edouard Pontier, we designed a gallon with a barrier that meets American dimensions and quality requirements. By adding a barrier there is no implosion. The knowledge and guidance from Berlin during this project have been very helpful, and that’s why we won’t switch to another supplier quickly,” explains Kelly.

Added value

Berlin has also been able to add value to the collaboration with Interfilling in other areas. For example, a special cap with a new neck has been developed. By using heat sealing, the product can be packaged oxygen-free. This is particularly important for acetone-containing products that Interfilling fills for its customers.

Furthermore, Berlin has ensured the UN certification of the new packaging and manages part of the storage, which contributes to shorter delivery times and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The gallons no longer need to be delivered from the United States.

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