Why lithium-ion batteries don’t have to be dangerous

Lithium ion batteries are used in a large number of devices that are used on a daily basis. Some of the most common devices with these batteries are phones, laptops, tablets, and electric bicycles. To our great regret, we are increasingly reading reports about fires caused by electric bicycle batteries. For example, last month we saw this article about a house that has burned out in our city. 

Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous, but they don’t have to be. The major problem with these batteries is that they can go into ‘Thermal Runaway’. This is a process that starts in one cell in a battery and leads to a temperature increase. A domino effect causes more broken cells and even more temperature rise that leads to a fire.


First of all, we will give you some tips to keep the lithium-ion batteries on the bikes from overheating. You can apply these tips at home or at work; better safe than sorry!

– Keep batteries and devices at room temperature. Do not place them in direct sunlight.

– Purchase and use devices that are certified by a qualified testing laboratory.

– Do not leave e-bikes unattended while they’re charging, and don’t leave them charging overnight.

– If a battery overheats or you notice an odor, a change in shape or color, leaking, or odd noises, stop using it immediately.

Despite, there’s always a chance for overheating. When the lithium-ion batteries go into ‘Thermal Runaway’, you need to prevent that fire from spreading to the surroundings. This is the reason why we are offering a safe storage solution.

E-Bike Safety Box

One of these solutions is the E-Bike Safety Box. This Safety Box has a special insulating pad that is non-flammable and non-conductive. In the E-Bike Safety Box, the batteries are protected against damage, short circuit, dust and moisture.

Standard boxes for transporting batteries

There are also special boxes for transporting lithium-ion batteries. In CarePack his range are standard sizes of UN certified packaging for lithium batteries. These standard boxes can be used for all modes of transport by road, air, rail and sea.

Custom made solutions

Additional to the standard sizes we supply tailor made UN fibreboard boxes, which will be developed and based on your battery sizes, specifications and preferred filling material. We take care of the whole process of designing, printing, testing and certification of the box, all in close cooperations with the customer. Labels, anti-static PE-bags and bubble wrap can be ordered separately.

Complex Regulations

The regulations for shipping and packing lithium batteries are very complex. We can help you find the most suitable lithium battery packaging solution. For more information about the lithium battery packaging solutions, please visit CarePacks website.

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